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A Waffle House Parking Lot Is the Perfect Place to Film a Music Video

A waitress even makes a cameo

As far as places to film a music video go, a Waffle House parking lot seems like a pretty solid choice: The chain is basically everywhere, at least in the southern part of the United States; it's (probably) free; the restaurant has street cred amongst fans of many different musical genres; and if the artist gets hungry between takes they can head inside for some food.

Appropriately, Baltimore rapper Tate Kobang and his crew took over the parking lot at a Waffle House to film his newest video, "Poppin." The song doesn't actually make any mention of the beloved chain's waffles, eggs, or hashbrowns; for that, you'll have to listen to some tracks from Waffle House's own record label, such as "Make Mine With Cheese" or "There Are Raisins in My Toast." (And given the explicit nature of Tate Kobang's track, it's highly unlikely this one will be showing up on the restaurant's jukeboxes.)

However, a Waffle House waitress does get in on the parking lot party (check her out around the 2:55 mark). For those whose musical tastes lean more toward the country end of the spectrum, perhaps a recent tune from Sturgill Simpson and Stephen Colbert will fit the bill.