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Chefs Love Arby's, Taco Bell; How to Eat Free at Disney

Six things to know today

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A place setting at Kachka, Portland
A place setting at Kachka, Portland
Dina Avila/Eater

Last night, the James Beard Foundation held what some food industry people like to call the Oscars of the food world — the organization's annual ceremony to honor authors, editors, writers, producers, journalists, publishers, and humorists who cover the food world. (There is a second, separate gala for awarding chefs and restaurateurs; it will be held on May 2.) Here's a list of all of last night's winners. Notably, Eater took home an award for visual story-telling for One Night: Kachka. Congratulations to all.

In other news, Chipotle is introducing chorizo; chefs weigh in on their favorite fast food; the newest cat cafe focuses just as much on its coffee as it does on its cats; some packaged foods are starting to note GMO ingredients; Disney announces a new dining deal; and finally, a preview of the next season of Dining on a Dime.

— Chipotle plans to roll out chorizo (or, rather, the company's version of chorizo, which is a blend of chicken and pork) to all locations this year. Will it be enough to get customers grossed out over the company's recent health scare back in the door? That's anyone's guess.

— GQ talks to chefs about their favorite fast foods: €”Stephanie Izard, chef at Chicago's Girl & The Goat, Little Goat, and Duck Duck Goat (and Top Chef champion) loves Arby's curly fries: "Because they are delicious (especially with ranch dressing)." Eleven Madison Park's Daniel Humm and Will Guidara love In-N-Out. That's probably a good thing since the pair will soon be spending quite a bit of time in LA.

— Disney fans are remarkably excited for the next season of free dining days, announced earlier this week on the company's website. Details here.

— The pressure to disclose GMO ingredients on product labels is on:

— Mauhaus, a new cat cafe in St. Louis, sounds awesome. The Rivertront Times reports the team raised twice as much money as they'd hoped via Kickstarter for concept that will pay just as much attention to the food and coffee as it does to caring for the kitties. They'll serve house-roasted beans and a full menu of Asian-inspired eats; Mauhaus anticipates a September opening. Unfamiliar with the cat cafe concept? here's everything you need to know.

— Finally, preview the next season of Dining on a Dime with Lucas Peterson: