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'Breastfeeding Welcome' Signs Pop Up at Georgia Restaurants

A high school senior prompted the movement


A movement to promote breastfeeding in public has found a new home in Decatur, Ga. In the Atlanta suburb, a high school senior has started handing out "breastfeeding welcome here" signs to restaurants that want to make women feel comfortable doing so inside their establishments, according to Fox News.

Decatur High student Sophie Mumper started the initiative as a senior project, with the help of a local advocacy group called the Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition. Participating restaurants can use the signs to let breastfeeding women know they don't have to feel uncomfortable.

Bakery owner Maria Moore Riggs told Fox: "Unfortunately women do have to second guess whether it's safe to feed their baby."

The task has not always been welcome in public spaces, but people are starting to push back against the stigma, as one restaurant owner in Delaware learned after asking a breastfeeding mother to "cover up." In 2014, a group of mothers in Connecticut planned a "nursing demonstration" at a Friendly's location where a mother was asked to stop breastfeeding her child.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, all states except Idaho have laws in place to allow breastfeeding in public locations.