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Drink More Game of Thrones Beer While Watching Game of Thrones

Ommegang has a full lineup of beers inspired by the series


Cheers, Game of Thrones fans: Ommegang now has a sixth themed beer to round out its collection of brews inspired by the series. The brewery teamed up with HBO to develop the six products and timed the launches with the premiere of each new seasons.

The newest beer added to the mix is the Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale, which brings together a Belgian-style wheat and a hoppy American ale. The beer is apparently "pleasant, playful, and inspired," as it "weds citrusy and herbal American hops, with wheaty maltiness and moderate bitterness," according to the brewery's site.

Also available from Ommegang is a Belgian-style dubbel ale called Valar Morghulis, translated on the show to mean "all men must die," which is shrouded in an appropriately blood-colored label.

Take the Black Stout is naturally a dark beer inspired by the Night's Watch, reflecting the sullen complexities of the show.

Ommegang's Iron Throne beer is a blonde ale that launched ahead of season three of the series, and the Fire & Blood red ale pays tribute to the Mother of Dragons, featuring her three dragons on the label.

Finally, there's the Three-Eyed Raven, a dark saison ale that was released in 2015 and is a blend of saison and dark beer that supposedly "both deceives and thrills the senses," per its description.

But fear not if beer isn't your cup of tea: there are also Game of Thrones-themed wines and even a restaurant that popped-up in London.