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Watch Radiant Ray of Light Anderson Cooper Try Super Spicy Chicken Wings

Anthony Bourdain made him do it

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is a notoriously picky eater — he apparently never tried waffles until just recently — so naturally, his fellow network host and food adventurer Anthony Bourdain feels obligated to push Cooper's culinary boundaries. Recently the duo dined at New York City hot spot Mission Chinese, where chef Danny Bowien prepared some of his famous chicken wings topped with generous quantities of tongue-numbing Szechuan pepper and spicy chilies.

Poor Anderson Cooper: Apparently no one told him that drinking water does nothing to quell the burn of spicy food. (Somebody get this guy some milk, stat.) Instead, Bourdain laughs at him as he wipes sweat from his brow and removes his glasses to reveal bloodshot eyes. (As he previously said during a Facebook Live chat, torturing Cooper with food is "One of [his] principle pleasures in life.") Don't feel too bad for Cooper, though: Bourdain later introduces his friend to his very first martini.

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