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Watch: How to Cook Falafel With Zero Noisy Distractions

Golden brown, and delicious — and silent

This video from the aptly named YouTube Channel "Silently Cooking" offers a calming tutorial on how to cook falafel. There's no talkative host or flashy graphics, just sharp camera angles and the satisfying sounds of chickpea fritters frying away in oil.

An astute home cook might be able to watch the video and whip up some falafel without looking at a recipe. The steps are clearly shown, as are the required amounts of each ingredient. But for those who would prefer a more concrete guide, the recipe is provided in the video's description. There are instructions on how to prepare a companion tahini sauce too. The falafel can be eaten in pita wrap form or simply dipped in the sauce.

Even if you're not interested in cooking falafel, this video is worth a watch. There's something soothing about the sounds of a whirring food processor, sizzling oil, and clicking whisk that put the mind at ease.