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Watch: Melting a Jawbreaker With a Blowtorch Is Mesmerizing

It disappears, layer by layer

For those who are too impatient to enjoy the long-lasting flavor of a Giant Jawbreaker, this video from Let's Melt This will be a delight. The pyros behind the YouTube channel have taken the iconic hard candy, and instead of sucking on it for hours on end, they've decided to lay waste to it with a blowtorch.

The video brings two particular images to mind. The first is everyone's favorite scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The second is what pessimistic — or realistic, perhaps — environmental scientists and activists believe is happening to the earth as a result of climate change. Both are fairly troublesome.

Let's Melt This says the entire demonstration took 3 minutes, 45 seconds — not even close to the amount of time it takes to consume a Giant Jawbreaker — and the team sped up the video to show the process in less than 90 seconds.