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Robot Kitchen Cooks and Serves Food in MIT Dining Hall

It's the brainchild of a group of engineering students


Students at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology can now eat food prepared by robots. A group of mechanical and electrical engineering majors have engineered a fully automated restaurant that cooks and prepares food in under five minutes, according to Tech Insider.

The team behind "Spyce Kitchen" won a $10,000 food technology contest with their innovation. The kitchen incorporates a fridge, a dishwasher, and stovetop, along with a robotic system that both cooks and serves the meals. The kitchen has to be periodically restocked with ingredients, but can run fully independent of humans.

Spyce is currently at work in an MIT dining hall, where students can order food via a touchscreen or a smartphone app. The robots then deliver measured quantities of ingredients into rotating barrels, which cook the food and deposit it into a waiting bowl on the counter below. The Spyce machine cooks everything from jambalaya and stir-fry to mac and cheese and curry, and occupies only 20 square feet; it also has sensors for quality control that monitor food temperature.

Meanwhile in China, some restaurants have fired their robot waiters after discovering they don't measure up to their human counterparts; they're pretty good at delivering pizza, though, as Domino's in Australia has discovered.

Watch the robot kitchen in action, below: