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Watch the Trailer for an Israeli Food Documentary Featuring Chef Michael Solomonov

Expect a lot more than falafel and hummus

Just in time for Passover, here's a trailer for a new documentary on Israeli food featuring Philly chef Michael Solomonov. In Search of Israeli Cuisine follows the James Beard Award winner — co-owner of acclaimed restaurant Zahav and hummus sensation Dizengoff — as he explores restaurants, home kitchens, wineries, and cheesemakers across Israel.

"It's about tasting new things and talking about history — this rich, abundant history — and the complexity of things here but also the beauty of things here," Solomonov says in the trailer, adding that much of the cuisine featured at Israeli cafes, markets, and food stalls has Moroccan, Persian, Lebanese, French, Italian, and Russian roots.

Director Roger Sherman is also behind the James Beard Award-winning documentary about Danny Meyer, The Restaurateur. According to the film's website, Sherman first visited Israel in 2010, finding "a vibrant restaurant scene in Tel Aviv that rivals New York, San Francisco, London and, yes, Paris." The feature-length doc is now screening in select cities.