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Massive Frozen Vegetable Recall; Burger King Debuts Chicken Rings

Five things to know today

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Happy Monday. Fans of Starbucks' sugary beverages will be pleased to learn that the coffee goliath resurrected its S'mores Frappuccino over the weekend; a grande has 500 calories and 68 grams of sugar, which is more or less the equivalent of two Snickers bars.

In other, slightly less caloric food news today: Tons of frozen vegetables are being recalled over listeria concerns; Burger King is molding chicken into weird new shapes; and Jimmy Fallon sings for his supper.

— Because chicken fries weren't unsettling enough, Burger King has found a new shape to mold poultry into: rings. The company's new Chicken Fries Rings look vaguely like onion rings, or maybe mini chicken doughnuts.

— Better check your freezer: Tons of organic frozen vegetables are being recalled over listeria concerns. The products from Washington-based CRF Foods include corn, peas, and vegetable medleys sold under several brand names including Schwan's and Wellsley Farms Organics that were sold in 35 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces. No related illnesses have been reported.

— Tough times for family dining chain Bob Evans: It's shuttering 27 stores and laying off 1,100 workers. The company has more than 500 stores across 19 states.

— The Telegraph talks to Claus Meyer, the co-founder of Copenhagen sensation Noma who's opening a new restaurant tomorrow inside NYC's Grand Central Station. For someone who's considered a pioneer of the new Nordic food movement, Meyer has some surprisingly glum childhood food memories involving frozen vegetables and margarine; it wasn't until he moved to France in his teens that he became passionate about food.

— Diners at a Vancouver restaurant called Le Crocodile were in for a strange surprise last week: Jimmy Fallon was in the house dining, and suddenly burst out into an a cappella rendition of R. Kelly's "Ignition" along with his barbershop quartet the Ragtime Gals. Watch as his fellow diners continue to casually sip wine while taking in this weird musical performance:

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