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Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

It's been a week for tributes for fans of Prince, who died unexpectedly April 21 at his home in Minnesota. In one impressive display of affection for the music icon, cookie art blog SweetAmbs and Tastemade created a special Prince-inspired cookie decorating video. The 45-second clip whizzes through the decorating process from spreading a base of light purple frosting to brushing each strand of curly hair on with a paint brush. The final product is an incredibly detailed interpretation of the late artist during his Purple Rain days.

Voodoo Doughnut also developed a series of specialty tribute doughnuts this week with some of the proceeds from the sales benefitting a Prince-inspired charity. Both food tributes were handled far better than the tacky Cheerios and Hamburger Helper Twitter memorials by General Mills.