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Professional Banana Decorator Says He'll Earn $100,000 This Year

Prepare to question your choice of careers

This must have been a real pain to ship
This must have been a real pain to ship
Bananas Gone Wild

Here's an inspiring tale of entrepreneurial spirit (or maybe maddening, depending on your perspective): A man who runs a banana-decorating business projects he'll earn $100,000 from his fruity endeavors this year.

Texas man Davonte Wilson sells his mail-order bananas, which come decorated with everything from beards and bow ties to glitter and googly eyes, for $9.99 each through a website called Bananas Gone Wild. He works out of his apartment and decorates as many as 75 bananas a day; customers can create their own custom designs via Wilson's website.

Local news station NBC 5 explains, "The idea to design bananas came to [Wilson] during a training class to become an EKG technician," though does not clarify how those two extremely disparate ideas are in any way related.

Wilson does special bananas for holidays, bananas inspired by superheroes, bananas with giant afros, and has even done a banana version of Donald Trump, because of course:

Bananas Bananas Gone Wild

A St. Patrick's Day banana and a Trump banana, obviously.

If for some reason you're tempted to eat a banana that's been drawn on and then spent a few days in the U.S. postal system, don't: The site's FAQ specifies the bananas are not intended for consumption.

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