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Prince's Love of Dunkaroos; Hillary and Bernie on a Soda Tax

Plus, Kosher for passover edibles

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Happy Earth Day, humans. For those who observe, today marks the first night of Passover. Learn more about matzo — including how and why it's made — here. In other news, yes, you can buy Kosher edibles; Prince's perfect taste in food; a soda tax is dividing the Democrats; and more.

— In Passover-related news, a rabbi has deemed medical marijuana Kosher. Depending on each individual's interpretation, this could also mean that baked goods made with Kosher ingredients and infused with Kosher medical marijuana would be okay to eat on Passover. If that doesn't work, there's always this place, which makes certified Kosher edibles.

— RIP Prince. Related: Prince was a mustard obsessive who kept a stash of Dunk-a-roos at his house in Minnesota. The man even had perfect taste in food.


— Hillary Clinton supports a tax on soda, the proceeds of which would fund pre-K programs. But because this is an election year and Bernie Sanders is her democratic rival, he came out against the soda tax. His reason? "I do not support paying for this proposal through a regressive tax on soda and juice drinks that will significantly increase taxes on low-income and middle class Americans." Meanwhile, maybe we should all be decreasing our consumption of sugary soda and juices anyway?

— America's third wave coffee roasters see an opportunity in the pre-packaged coffee market, which Starbucks currently dominates with its milky Frappuccinos and iced lattes. La Columbe Coffee Roasters is the latest independent roaster and retailer to package coffee. First up is a draft latte, or combination of espresso and frothed milk. Is coffee's next wave going to focus on convenience?

— Finally, in case you missed it yesterday, here's a look inside the Obama's White House kitchen: