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Is This Anti-Aging Gin the Literal Fountain of Youth?

It claims to "help smooth cellulite," among other things


Those who want to retain a youthful appearance as they age generally understand there are some simple rules to abide by: Use sunscreen, don't smoke, and eat healthy. But what if boozing it up could actually make you look younger?

That's the claim put forth by a new "anti-aging" gin that was just launched in the UK, as Mashable reports. The spirit comes from luxury hotel brand Warner Leisure Hotels, which commissioned the stunt-loving company Bompas & Parr to create it (it will be served at the company's 13 hotels).

According to Warner, the 80-proof gin contains pure collagen "as well as a mix of anti-ageing botanicals to help people look younger whilst having fun." The company says "the ingredients were specifically chosen due to their revitalizing qualities, including healing sun-damage, being rich in minerals, inhibiting scar formation and to help smooth cellulite."

If drinking gin and tonics to get rid of cellulite seems too good to be true, you're certainly right to be skeptical. Is there any hard evidence that drinking collagen — a naturally-occurring substance that's also present in any number of foods including bone broth and burgers — actually benefits skin? Dermatologists have long expressed skepticism, but a 2015 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology indicated that drinking oral collagen supplements actually is effective at improving signs of aging skin. Of course, there are plenty of non-alcoholic ways to consume collagen — such "beauty elixirs" have been popular in Asia for years — but if you already drink gin anyway, perhaps killing two birds with one juniper-infused stone isn't such a bad idea.