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Eater Young Guns 2016: Nominees by the Numbers

The data behind this year's best new industry talent

Sister Pie in Detroit.
Michelle and Chris Gerard

The search for Eater's next class of Young Guns — the best new talent in the industry — is well underway. Semifinalists and a committee of judges will soon be announced, but first, now that public nominations have closed, some information on the spread of nominees.

This year, the youngest nominee is 15 years old, interning out of a restaurant in Los Angeles. The oldest, at 48, started her food truck four years ago. Industry professions of all kinds are represented: beverage directors, sommeliers, brewers, baristas, pit masters, butchers, chefs (from sushi and izakaya to pastry), bakers, consultants and restaurant CEOs, GMs, maitre d's, and more.

Total nominations: 1611

Nominations that came from a nominee's mother: 21

Nominations that mentioned doughnuts: 12

Nominations for vegetarian/vegan chefs: 5

Nominations that mentioned poke: 3

Best line in response to a call for additional details: "I do not have any personal videos or photos. I was too busy eating!"

And now, a regional breakdown of nominees:

  • Midwest: 19%
  • California: 17.1%
  • South: 16.5%
  • Northeast: 15.6%
  • New York/New Jersey: 13%
  • Texas: 7.9%
  • Pacific Northwest: 5.7%
  • Mid-Atlantic: 2.9%
  • Mountain/Vegas/Southwest: 2.3%

Stay tuned for an announcement on the semifinalists soon. In the meantime, check out last year's class of Young Guns.