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Georgia-based greasy spoon chain Waffle House is facing a lawsuit over the shooting death of a patron in 2014, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The family of Adrian Mosley is accusing the company and the employee who fired the gun of wrongful death and negligence.

"It was murder," attorney L. Chris Stewart said when he announced the suit Thursday. "Plain and simple." Mosley was killed following a verbal altercation with Quintavius Martin, who was working at a Waffle House outpost in Fulton County, Ga. Martin claimed Mosley threatened him, which led the employee to retrieve a gun and shoot the customer.

Martin was arrested and charged with murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. However, those charges eventually were dropped. Mosley's family reportedly is seeking punitive damages along with burial and medical costs, though no specific amount was listed in the suit. The case was filed before the Fulton County State Court.

For whatever reason, Waffle House restaurants in Georgia are often home to brazen crimes. In February, an employee at a Dawson County outpost allegedly spiked a co-worker's beverage with meth. In January, a customer at a location in Cobb County stripped naked and punched a woman in the face, breaking her nose.