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Kim Kardashian, ruler of the selfie universe, has inspired everything from an insanely lucrative mobile game to butt-shaped sugar cookies. The latest tangible evidence that Mrs. Kardashian-West is, like it or not, one of the greatest muses of our time: A Rice Krispies treat artist has recreated her famous likeness in snap-crackle-popping edible format.

Under the Instagram handle @mister_krisp, New Yorker Jessica Siskin delights her 43,000 followers with cerealized versions of everything from Elmo and Hello Kitty to women's razors and the poop emoji, not to mention that most-talked-about of recent food trends, avocado toast. But her most impeccably contoured creation is no doubt the raven-haired Kim K. posted earlier today.

so kimojinal right now. #misterkrisp #kimoji @kimkardashian

A photo posted by misterkrisp jessica siskin (@mister_krisp) on

Weirdly enough, it's not the first time Kim has inspired a Rice Krispy treat creation, although the last one focused more on her famous butt. Perhaps younger sister Kylie can show the world how to make Kardashian-shaped treats on her recently launched cooking show. Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner has somehow found time in her busy modeling schedule to become a pizza critic.

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