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Honor Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday With a $90,000 Gold-Encrusted Cake

It's topped with a diamond ring, of course

Windsor Court Hotel's $90k dessert
Windsor Court Hotel's $90k dessert

As Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 90th birthday with a fancy cake (and a flock of corgis, no doubt) a pastry chef on this side of the Atlantic is honoring the occasion with the most wildly extravagant dessert imaginable. A pastry chef at New Orleans' Windsor Court Hotel has created a gold-encrusted cake valued at $90,000, or $1,000 for each year of the Queen's life. (Appropriately, Queen Elizabeth is a member of the House of Windsor.)

Chef Shun Li's mini dark chocolate cake is layered with a Cristal champagne fruit sauce made with raspberry and passion fruit, then covered in gold-covered chocolate, gold-covered strawberries, and a gold-dusted chocolate crunch. On top of that, the whole damn thing is 24-karat gold encrusted and topped off with a regal cherry in the form of a 3.95-carat ruby and diamond ring from a local antique store.

The dessert will be available for the next three months, so uh, save your pennies. Given its rather dimunitive size, perhaps you'll want to order one for each person at the table?

This absurdly priced dessert joins a long list of aggressively pricey foods across the world, including a $750 cupcake in Las Vegas, a $8,633 cocktail in London, and a $4 million strawberry dessert in New Orleans (yes, that one's topped with a gemstone, too).

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