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Drake Will Officially Launch His Own Whiskey Brand in May

Brace for Virginia Black

Elsa/Getty Images

Canadian rap sensation Drake will officially drop his newest project on May 1, but this one has nothing to do with music. Instead, Drizzy is getting into the booze business with Virginia Black whiskey, which he sneakily teased on his Instagram page two months ago.

Characterized as a "decadent American whiskey," Virginia Black will be available in California, New York, and Nevada before sweeping the nation and soon after, the world. Its sleek website associates the beverage with glamour, swagger, soul, and decadence redefined. The project is a collaboration between Drake and Brent Hocking, the founder and creator of DeLeón Tequila.

Drake is no stranger to the food and beverage industry: While he's not an official partner, he's nonetheless been inextricably linked to Fring's, a restaurant from chef Susur Lee that hit Drizzy's hometown of Toronto in December with avocado toast and furry armchairs. His mug (and lyrics) have also been featured on Sprite cans.