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McDonald's Customer Charged With Felony After Filling Water Cup With Free Soda

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A cautionary tale for fast food customers

MIke Mozart/Flickr

Have you ever stolen soda from a restaurant? Maybe the cashier forgot to charge you for a fountain drink but still gave you a cup, or you ordered water but upon filling your cup, realized it had a terrible funky taste and switched to Diet Coke instead. Point being: As far as crimes go, it's a pretty easy and seemingly innocuous one to commit.

So it's not hard to feel at least a tiny bit of empathy for an 18-year-old dude in Springdale, Arkansas who was arrested earlier this week after his little water-for-soda switcheroo went terribly awry. According to ABC 7, Cody Morris and two friends ordered three large waters at a McDonald's drive-thru; they then poured out the contents and went inside the restaurant to fill their cups with soda. The manager had apparently seen this abuse of the free-refill system one too many times, and decided to call the police to report the incident as a robbery.

Morris's two friends returned their drinks, but he wasn't going down without a fight: He fled with his beverage and, according to police, "hit the manager twice with his car when the man tried to block his escape." His vehicle was later found parked outside a nearby bowling alley, where he was apprehended and charged with felony robbery; he was soon released on $2,500 bond, which is coincidentally the cost of about 1,700 large sodas at McDonald's.

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