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Watch a Preview for 'How to Brew Everything'

Learn how to make all sorts of alcohol from scratch

Having conquered sandwiches, root beer floats, candy bars, and Thanksgiving dinner, the team behind How to Make Everything is embarking on a new adventure. This video offers a preview of the crew's forthcoming series "How to Brew Everything." The new venture will focus on foraging for ingredients to make a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.

"This new series of 'How to Brew Everything is going to be a little different than our regular series, as each episode will be about making the same thing: alcohol," host Andy George says. "Through it, we'll be exploring all the different ways and methods that alcohol can be produced. In the end, the quest is to basically learn how to make alcohol from everything."

The first episode in the series will explain how to make wheat beer from scratch, and after that, George will tackle tequila. The series premiere should be released "in the next couple weeks."