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The Rainbow Food Trend Will Consume Us All

The latest victim: coffee

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The hottest trend in the food world right now, according to the internet, is rainbow versions of normal everyday foods like bagels and grilled cheese sandwiches. Thanks to an onslaught of food coloring, formerly boring meals are transformed into something that looks like a magical unicorn threw up on it, and Instagram is enchanted. (A search for #rainbowfood currently brings up more than 22,000 results, including multicolored versions of matzo, waffles, and this terrible-looking pizza.)

The latest creation to capture imaginations with its Lisa Frank-levels of colorful psychedelia: rainbow coffee. (That's right, third-wave nerds — nothing is sacred.) A barista at Las Vegas coffee shop Sambalatte is racking up the Instagram hearts with his multi-colored latte art creations, created by adding food coloring to steamed milk.

Just look at it:

The barista has even posted a few videos of the rainbow latte process, set to music for maximum hypnosis effect:

What rainbow food will the internet salivate over next? Beef jerky? Churros? French fries? Bone broth? Stay tuned.