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Woman Double-Fists Pizza on Jumbotron, Becomes Instant American Hero

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We are all Kiss Cam Pizza Girl

Watching the Jumbotron at a sporting event is a fairly predictable affair; during breaks in the action, the camera operators hone in on various people in the stands, temporarily turning spectators into stars. Most of them offer an embarrassed wave, a fist-pump, or elbow their significant other into displaying some sort of public affection for the so-called "Kiss Cam."

But not this hero woman at an Atlanta Hawks game. While the annoying couple in front of her smooches for the audience, she only has eyes for pizza. Unabashedly wolfing down two slices simultaneously, her female companion looks on, barely concealing her sympathy as she recoils in horror from the display. But Pizza Girl cares not. Regardless of which team wins that night, her double-fisting affection for the cheesy pie is the real winner. Long after the kissing couple has broken up and deleted every instance of one another from their Instagram accounts, she'll still have sweet, delicious pizza.

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