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How Fine African Dining Made It to the South

Is Nigerian food the next big thing?

What does it take to become a buka, or Nigerian neighborhood joint, in a place as already deeply rooted in its own food culture as the American South? Today, the Southern Foodways Alliance documentary team visits Marietta, Georgia, 30 miles outside of Atlanta, to eat at FAD Fine Dining a West African restaurant helmed by owner and self-proclaimed "Ambassador of Experience" Ade "FAD" Faderin.

When it comes to Nigerian food, Faderin’s philosophy is that anyone can enjoy it, from those who were raised on effo riro spinach stew and fried plantains like he was, to curious diners visiting FAD for the first time. Starting off new visitors with a sample platter of suya (beef brisket) and other creations from head chef Comfort Sawyer, Faderin is confident that Nigerian food's flavors will speak for themselves, and bring customers back again and again. Watch the video above for a closer look into FAD's kitchen, and at the welcoming nature of the restaurant as a whole.

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