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Watch and Learn How to Make the Perfect Moscow Mule

So refreshing

With warm weather arriving — or arriving soon, depending on where you are — it's time to change up your cocktail game. All of those heavy, spicy beverages that were needed to keep you warm in the dead of winter can be cast aside. In their place, welcome some thirst-quenching classics, such as the Moscow mule. This video will teach you how to make a perfect version of the copper-mugged favorite.

The key to really upping your mule game: ginger syrup. Replace the ginger beer in the recipe with this spicy concoction, and the cocktail's most important flavor will be turned up to 11. Mix the syrup with fresh lime juice and vodka, shake it up, pour it into a copper mug, and top it with club soda. It's a sure fire way to beat the heat. The video also notes the necessary augmentations to make a Kentucky mule and dark and stormy, so watch and learn a few tips for your next patio cocktail party.