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Watch Gordon Ramsay Teach Kids the Proper Way to Cook Steak

The superstar chef hopes to preserve the craft of butchery

Gordon Ramsay may be best known for yelling obscenities at people on TV, but the shouty chef is surprisingly gentle where kids are involved. In addition to serving as a mentor on Masterchef Junior, Ramsay has also taken some youngsters under his wing to teach them the proper way to cook steak.

Ramsay's grandfather used to operate a butcher shop in Scotland, back when the local butcher was a mainstay of local communities. He ventures back to the area to find a group of lads who are studying the dwindling art; the chef notes that the average age of butchers in the UK is 57.

Ramsay shows the kids how to determine the doneness of meat by touching their cheek, chin, and forehead. (He also manages to get some of his signature insults in, comparing one of the boys' steaks to "a Doc Marten" leather boot.)