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A Nudist Pop-Up Restaurant Is Coming to London

This could get awkward

Le Petit Déjeuner
Le Petit Déjeuner
Fernand Léger

London has played host to all sorts of weird and wacky pop-ups, from an owl bar to a Game of Thrones restaurant. Next up: a naked pop-up, where guests will have the unique privilege (?) of dining in the buff.

As Time Out London reports, The Bunyadi will be divided into "clothed" and "unclothed" areas; prior to their meal, diners will enter a changing area and strip down to only a robe, which they have the option of taking off during the meal. "The idea is that it's a dining experience 'free from the trappings of modern life', so expect food cooked on a fire, furniture that's been hand carved by an axe, [and] candle-light instead of electricity." (Nevermind the fact that humans have been clothing themselves for well over 100,000 years.)

The staff will apparently be "naked with only some covering," but hopefully that doesn't include the cooks; while the pop-up has yet to reveal what will be on the menu, hot soup will presumably not be an offering.

If you find yourself wondering who the hell would be interested in dining sans clothing anywhere other than their own home, consider this: According to The Bunyadi's website, 2,168 people are already on the waiting list for tickets. The group behind the pop-up, Lollipop, was also responsible for the Breaking Bad-themed pop-up bar held in an RV last summer.