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Anthony Bourdain Talks LSD and Teddy Bear Pancakes on Facebook Live

Plus, he loves making Anderson Cooper "giggle"


Today, CNN and Anthony Bourdain jumped on the Facebook Live train and it was a full 10 minutes of marvelous off-the-cuff and yet ad hoc entertainment. After an awkward introduction, Bourdain jumps right into his first question: Have you ever prepared a meal under the influence of LSD? "Yes, I have... it was a restaurant situation, all of us in the crew were, well, high on acid, and you have never seen such heavily garnished plates in your life."

Viewer Karen Wade asks, "Are you going to torture Anderson [Cooper] with food again?" Bourdain, notably excited, says yes. "One of my principle pleasures in life is torturing Anderson Cooper... he has the most amazing apartment in the history of apartments, well it's a house really, and an amazing kitchen, and he's never cooked in it. So just about anything I feed him makes him giggle with discomfort... so it's really one of my great joys, feeding Anderson all of the spicy, squiggly bits."

Another viewer asks if Bourdain has been able to meet with Jason Rezaian and Yeganeh Salehi, the Iranian journalists who were recently released from captivity. "Yes, I got together with Jason... it was one of the happiest moments in my life for quite some time."

Related to the subject of Bourdain's new project, a massive food hall in NYC, a fan asks "Can street vendors save the restaurant business?" Bourdain: "I don't know... I like the idea of food trucks as an entry point for people who might not otherwise have the startup capital to open a brick and mortar restaurant... but as an entrepreneurial effort, benefits and insurance is not something you can reasonably hope for..."

On the worst thing he's ever tasted: "I don't know, the rotten shark in Iceland... but what do you mean by worst? Like morally reprehensible worst? ... A chicken McNugget is not the worst thing I've ever tasted... but I would feel kind of irresponsible feeding it to my daughter. It's not true to say there are parts of dead clowns in chicken McNuggets but I may or may not have told my daughter that."

What does his daughter love to eat? "Veal milanese or schnitzel, she likes any pasta dish that I make. I make a decent meatball... she likes my mashed potatoes very much. Oh! My teddy bear pancakes are unparalleled!"

Bourdain notes that he's only been ill three times in 16 years of traveling around the world eating street food, "with no hygiene regulations."

On what he's listening to these days: "I'm listening to a lot of Bad Weather and the Kills, I'm crazy about the new Iggy Pop album. I'm a big Brian Jones Massacre fan. Get the Iggy album... By the way, I was out with the band a couple weeks ago. You know your life has gone really wrong when Iggy Pop leaves the party before you."

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