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Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen
Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen
Ben & Jerry's blog

In a stunt meant to draw attention to the politics of the day, ice cream geniuses Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen — of Ben & Jerry's fame — were arrested at the U.S. Capitol building late yesterday. According to CNN, the two had been marching along with 300 others as part of Democracy Awakening's convergence on Washington, DC. Democracy Awakening's mission is "to ensure that every citizen's voice is heard and that power in this country is returned to the people." The liberal-leaning outfit especially opposes big money in government.

Ben & Jerry's company blog also documented the incident. Just before they were arrested Cohen told reporters, "the history of our country is that nothing happens until people start putting their bodies on the line and risk getting arrested."

U.S. Capitol Police told press the protestors were arrested "for unlawful demonstration activities." They were not taken into custody, but were cited on the scene and released.

Cohen has been active on this year's presidential campaign trail for months. In January he released a limited edition ice cream flavor (unaffiliated with Ben & Jerry's the company) called "Bernie's Yearning." It is described as a mint ice cream base held below a "1 percent" layer of chocolate. In order to get to the ice cream beneath the chocolate, eaters have to break through the upper crust. On the Late Show, host Stephen Colbert pointed out a major flaw in Cohen's design: "In reality, that top 1 percent... generally doesn't have a lot of chocolate in it." Cohen and Greenfield have plans to distribute Bernie's Yearning at upcoming rallies for Bernie Sanders in Delaware.