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Carl's Jr.

Many Americans who have experienced a youthful disregard for drinking too much and eating like there's no tomorrow have been there. You come home from the bar, combine a few of your favorite junk foods, and enjoy a feast that would make nutritionists shudder. It appears Carl's Jr. is tapping into this love of excess with a few new menu items it's reportedly testing.

Having already introduced french fries topped with pizza ingredients and doughnuts made out of biscuit dough, the chain is working on some truly absurd burgers. Among them, according to E!, are the meatball thickburger, bacon mac n cheese thickburger, and burgerito.

It doesn't take a vivid imagination to figure out what goes into these creations. The meatball thickburger is a burger topped with marinara sauce, Italian meatballs, and mozzarella cheese. The bacon mac n cheese thickburger comes with not only bacon and macaroni and cheese, but a couple slices of American too. The burgerito appears to be what would happen if someone sandwiched their Carl's Jr. and Taco Bell orders between two buns.

As if those monstrosities aren't enough, Brand Eating reports the chain also is working on a pizza thickburger, topping a beef patty with pepperoni slices, mozzarella, and marinara. Carl's Jr. proudly debuted turkey thickburgers in December, but perhaps the marketing team has determined people want their thickburgers to be the furthest thing from health food.

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