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Hillary Clinton Couldn't Care Less About Calories in Her Ice Cream

Clinton knows it's best not to think about nutritional facts while eating dessert

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's New York campaign took her to another popular culinary destination on Monday: Mikey Likes It Ice Cream in the East Village. Despite the potential perils of politicians eating food in front of cameras, Clinton gave Mikey's ice cream a try right there in the shop. And perhaps in an attempt to prove she's just like regular Americans, Clinton didn't take kindly to a press question regarding the frozen treat's calorie count.

In the video from Politico, Clinton admits she was planning to take her dessert to go — as she did with an order at a hot Syracuse pizzeria — "but it was, like, in front of me and I had to start eating it." It appears Clinton's will is much weaker in the presence of ice cream than it is when she's tempted with cheesecake.

As for the shop that hosted Clinton's visit, Mikey Likes It Ice Cream is clear about its choice this election season. The menu now offers an ice cream sandwich called "the victory mac daddy," which is what the former Secretary of State tasted on Monday. The Mikey's team imagines it's a dish Clinton would come up with if she were given the opportunity "to create her own delicious, creamy, bespoke ice cream delight."

The Victory Mac Daddy is an ice cream waffle sandwich, inspired by Hillary Clinton's run at the presidency. Fighting opposition works up quite an appetite. If Hillary, who happens to be a chocolate ice cream aficionado, was given the opportunity to create her own delicious creamy bespoke ice cream delight, this is what we imagine it to be: A fresh double chocolate waffle packed with crushed Oreo cookie pieces, accompanied by a scoop of milk chocolate ice cream with mini semi sweet chocolate chips and mini chocolate covered marshmallows, covered in handmade chocolate whipped cream, and topped with a chocolate covered cherry. Just desserts fit for any victory. #mikeylikesit #mikeylikesiticecream #icecream #nyc #eeeeeats #eastvillage #fooddaily #foodie #leadersofthenewscoop

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