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Ted Cruz Hates New York Values, Loves New York Pizza

And no, he doesn't use a knife and fork

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

Admitted hater of New York values Ted Cruz is not opposed to indulging in one of the state's most delicious exports: thin-crust pizza.

In a Times Square town hall on Good Morning America, the Republican candidate answered a series of questions from voters, who for some inexplicable reason wanted to know about his restaurant preferences. When asked about his favorite place to take his wife on date night, Cruz said, "We usually do date night, ideally [on] Sunday nights. So on Friday nights, we take the girls to California Pizza Kitchen and do a family night. Normally Sunday night, it's late and we tend to do either sushi or Mexican."

When asked whether he opted for New York thin crust or Chicago deep-dish pizza, Cruz called himself "a thin-crust guy," but was quick to point out that he knows the proper way to eat a slice. "I will note, in the critical pizza primary, I'm the only one of the Republican candidates who doesn't eat pizza with a knife and fork," Cruz said. "There's only one way to eat it, and that is in your hand."

Last month, Presidential hopeful John Kasich horrified New Yorkers with his use of a knife and fork to eat pizza. Kasich clearly learned nothing from his Republican opponent Donald Trump, who committed the same faux pas back in 2011.

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