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Cooking in America Will Bring The World to You

The new video series highlights global cuisine — and the people who make it — in the U.S.

The United States is often described as a kaleidoscope of culture, a colorful assemblage of tradition and history built by the nation's diverse population. Few things illustrate this as clearly as American cuisine; in the United States, food knowledge and techniques from all over the world coalesce, forming a culinary landscape unlike any other.

Cooking in America is a brand new video series from Eater and host Pelin Keskin, which sets out to explore the ways immigrants in the United States maintain a connection to their home countries through food. Watch the trailer above for a peek into the series as a whole, and then check out the first two episodes — where Keskin learns about Uzbek home cooking and Ethiopia's community-building coffee ceremony, respectively — below:

Episode 1: The Culinary History of Uzbekistan

Episode 2: The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony at Bunna Cafe

To never miss an installment, click here to view the full Cooking In America playlist on YouTube, which will automatically update with each new episode as it goes live.

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