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Watch: A Braided Crust Technique for Instagram-Perfect Pies

"Easy as pie" might actually apply here

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Anyone who's spent an entire afternoon baking an apple pie from scratch knows that the oft-used idiom "easy as pie" couldn't be further from the truth. Making pie is actually pretty darn difficult, particularly when it comes to properly executing the kind of intricately woven top crusts that populate the covers of all those gorgeously photographed pastry cookbooks.

But once you've got the dough recipe mastered (keep that butter ice-cold, please), constructing an Instagram-worthy pie crust can be as easy as braiding your hair — actually easier, since it doesn't require the use of a mirror or any awkward neck-craning. As this video demonstrates, it's simply a matter of cutting the dough into thin strips, braiding them together, and arranging them on top of your pie filling. (And if you really want to take it to the next level, consider dividing your dough into a few different food-colored batches for a rainbow braided pie. Instant viral fame is all but guaranteed.)

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