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Hillary Clinton Keeps Hot Sauce in Her Bag; How Much Do Chefs Make?

Five things to know today

Hillary Clinton's hot sauce.
Hillary Clinton's hot sauce.

Oh, Hillary. Bill Clinton's better half just told a radio show host that she keeps hot sauce in her bag. As if on cue, Beyoncé — of hot sauce in her bag fame — just announced a new... spectacle? Video? Live show? called Lemonade, set to drop April 23. Prediction: Next month Clinton will admit to loving lemonade. Meanwhile, Clinton takes credit for the invention of wine ice cream. Just imagine how she could shape America's food landscape if she was elected president.

In other news: a McDonald's milestone; hospitality isn't as easy as it looks; Jacques Pepin hasn't retired yet; Anna Wintour's coffee addiction; and more.

— In case you missed it, last week was the 61st anniversary of Ray Kroc's first franchised unit of McDonald's. In less than a century the burger company has become a force in America's cultural identity and a scapegoat for all that is wrong with the food industry today. Currently the multi-billion dollar brand is trying to dig itself out of a slow decline.

— The Guardian talked to a few prominent general managers and maitre d's, and peeked behind the curtain to see how the best service professionals do what they do. Here's the best way to complain at a restaurant, according to Fred Sirieix, general manager at Galvin at Windows in London: "You say what's happening. Explain it in a clear and chronological manner. Don't be an arse about it, but be firm. See their reaction and decide whether they have dealt with the problem properly and if they haven't, don't ever go back. Somebody working front of house needs to be able to listen to customers and put themselves in their shoes."

— Jacques Pepin might be done filming television shows for PBS but he hasn't stopped working. According to the New York Times he's designed a wine label for a friend, and per a press release is designing a few new products — featuring his artwork — for kitchen store Sur la Table.

— Fashion bellwether and longtime Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour may as well be tethered to a Starbucks cup at all times. Anyone who's read (or watched) the Devil Wears Prada already knew this though.

— The Queen of England's favorite dessert is Chocolate Perfection Pie, which combines layers of chocolate mousse, cinnamon cream, and meringue. Sadly, she doesn't eat it that often because she takes such a disciplined approach to her diet, according to the International Business Times.

— Finally: How much do chefs really make?

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