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Three Ways to Make Pork Belly

From braised to sous vide

Pork belly, a fatty, flavorful, boneless cut of meat, is a staple in many global cuisines —from acting as the filling in Chinese steamed buns to gracing a myriad of Italian dishes in the form of pancetta. But what is the best, simplest way to prepare it at home?

Our friends at ChefSteps, a food and technology company based in Seattle's Pike Place Market, are dedicated to finding new and creative ways to make everyone a better cook. In the video above, they introduce three foolproof ways to prepare pork belly in your home kitchen, from braising the meat until fall-apart tender, to using a sous vide tool to ensure perfect doneness every time. Watch for a visual how-to, and find the full recipes here: tender braised pork belly, pork belly with a pressure cooker, and simple sous vide pork belly.

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