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Michael Bublé Invents Bold New Method for Eating Corn on the Cob

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You do you, Michael Bublé

Look, everyone knows that there are exactly two acceptable ways to eat corn on the cob: rotary style, where you rotate the ear as you eat in one continuous spiral, and typewriter style, where you go horizontally down the line, maybe make a ding noise, give the cob a quarter-turn, and start again. That's it. That's all there is. Or that was all there was. Enter a revolutionary new corn-eating style, courtesy of velvet-voiced crooner Michael Bublé: going at it head-on, sort of like a banana or a popsicle?

There's been some speculation that the way you eat your corn on the cob is actually indicative of how your brain works: Efficiency-oriented people eat in spirals, while rule-oriented people eat in rows. Bublé, apparently, transcends all this. (Or maybe he doesn't — the rest of the photos in the series reveal that after a few attempts at this revolutionary eating style, he gave up and dumped the rest of the ear in the trash.)

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