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John Kasich's Pizza Faux Pas; Should Chipotle Install Drive Thru Windows?

Five things to know right now

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Happy Friday, eaters of America. First off, have you seen that photo of Michael Bublé eating corn on the cob? Now that that's out of the way, here's what else you should know today: another chef has come out against bullying in restaurants; at least one analyst thinks Chipotle should consider drive-thru windows; the pizza emoji gets the NYT front page treatment; and more.

— Award-winning British chef Jason Atherton speaks out about bullying in restaurant kitchens: "There are certain industries — and ours is one of them — that bullying is very easy to creep into. There's a fine line between respect and fear. Fear only works for a short period of time. Because that person gets to a certain point where they can't cope any more and they leave. A good chef, a good manager, can run a dining room with respect. It's not about beasting, screaming and shouting and so forth."

— Will Chipotle's turnaround plan succeed? Financial analysts are coming out of the woodwork to offer the struggling chain additional pointers. John Ivankoe at JP Morgan Chase suggests Chipotle install drive thru windows, which he says would "increase customer visibility." Chipotle's latest word on drive-thrus, which customers do seem to want, is that it's not happening.

— For the first time in its history the New York Times put the pizza emoji on the front page of its digital edition. This is some tasty-looking, hard-hitting journalism:

— Remember that time Republican Presidential hopeful John Kasich ate pizza with a forkLast night he went on Late Night with Seth Meyers to defend his actions. But then he went on a radio show, and when the host asked if he did it to give the press something to talk about, he didn't deny the suggestion: "You don't think I'm going to reveal that, do you?" Cheap play, Kasich, very cheap.

— Finally, here is a photo of a dessert created by Andoni Luis Aduriz that appears to be the Michelin man in a prayer pose, tongue firmly in cheek:

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