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KFC Australia Quickly Deletes NSFW Tweet

Who's getting fired for this one?

An ill-advised social media post from KFC has ruffled some feathers: The Australian branch of the fast food chain tweeted a highly suggestive photo yesterday to promote its new Hot & Spicy chicken, and the Twitter backlash was swift and severe, as reports.

The image features a man and a woman sitting on a couch; the woman is reaching for something in the man's lap, and he's looking down with a smug grin and a cocked eyebrow. It "looks like a still taken seven minutes into a Pornhub ‘Amateur’ video," astutely points out, leaving it up to the viewer to decide whether the blurred-out portion contains a very NSFW situation or — oh, of course! — a bucket of KFC chicken.

While some of the chain's followers found it funny, many were shocked or in disbelief that the chain would push its marketing into that realm of questionability:

The tweet quickly racked up more than 1,300 retweets, and was soon deleted from the company's feed. KFC Australia quickly put an end to any speculation that its social media accounts may have been hacked, confirming its authenticity in a statement: "This was a genuine tweet to launch KFC’s new Hot & Spicy chicken products next week. It was not intended to offend and we’ve removed the image."

The brand also tweeted an apology for its terrible judgment, perhaps realizing that the suggestion of handjobs is not in fact the best way to sell poultry:

Of course, as another Twitter user points out, selective pixelation can be used to make other KFC ads look nearly as bad: