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Mike Windle/Getty Images

In the world of fast food marketing and menu development, millennials giveth and millennials taketh away. In this case, the most coveted demographic has dropped the ax on a fairly new McDonald's menu item. The Golden Arches is in the process of doing away with its McWraps line, Bloomberg reports.

The wraps were introduced in 2013, at a time when McDonald's was struggling and hoping to lure younger patrons who wanted healthier fare. But, the plan didn't do much for the chain. "A lot of people who eat at restaurants aren't interested in health and wellness," Edward Jones analyst Jack Russo told Bloomberg. "You've got to give the people what they want." When it comes to McDonald's, the people don't seem to be interested in counting calories.

They are, however, interested in eating breakfast at any hour of the day. No thanks to the McWraps, Mickey D's has seen a sales turnaround over the last two quarters. All-day breakfast, launched nationwide last fall has been identified as the catalyst, and it's worked so well that McDonald's is considering offering its entire morning menu around the clock.

McDonald's began phasing out the McWraps line over the summer, a spokesperson told Bloomberg. Some markets reportedly are still serving at least one variety of the dish, but it should completely disappear soon.

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