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Watch Mario Batali Teach Aziz Ansari to Cook a Three-Course Italian Feast

The lunch of your dreams, basically

Remember Molto Mario, the old Food Network show where Mario Batali cooked for friends — and often, celebrities — in a cozy kitchen setting? That series ended in 2010 after an impressive 14-year run, but now Batali's reviving the format in this video for Munchies. The orange clog-wearing chef invites Master of None creators and professed food obsessives Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang into his kitchen for a three-course meal and cooking lesson.

The boys keep it classy by swigging wine out of the bottle while they learn how to prepare carrot frittelle, beet-ricotta ravioli, and meatballs with Swiss chard. Batali offers plenty of helpful advice, like the fact that using pasta sauce with your own name on the label is always advisable if possible (he has his own namesake brand, natch).

Perhaps Batali can take his show on the road to the Benihana in Tyrese's backyard for a little Italian-teppanyaki fusion?