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This Cannabis Subscription Box Wants to Give You the Munchies

Weed gets the artisanal treatment

Nug Run

The subscription-based box trend shows no sign of waning and a new iteration — featuring pot-laced edibles — might be the most niche of all. Sacramento-based startup Nug Run has announced a "curated approach on the cannabis experience" with its subscription-based "Nugboxes," which pair naturally occurring terpenes (strong-smelling organic compounds) in cannabis with food.

Nug Run founder Nick Ocampo says each box will include two pre-rolled joints, one food item, and the choice of a third item — cannabis, a concentrate, or a vaporizer pen. A blueberry bite featured in the inaugural box — which Ocampo describes as "a Lärabar but with cannabis in it" — will be presented alongside berry-flavored cannabis. Other food items won't contain cannabis. "One box will include a strawberries and cream macaron with no medicine in it, which will be paired with our sour strawberry cannabis," says Ocampo.

Subscribers must have a medical cannabis recommendation and boxes (prices start at $75) will be available up to three times a month in Sacramento and in the San Francisco Bay area. If it's successful, expansion into markets like Washington, Oregon, and Colorado seems possible.

The boxes will debut, naturally, on April 20.

Ocampo isn't the first to put an artisanal spin on cannabis. In fact, many pot enthusiasts are likening themselves to gourmands, pairing weed with wine and even spiking coffee with cannabis.