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McDonald's is constantly testing new menu offerings in an effort to discover what could be the next all-day breakfast success. Recent experiments include healthy kale and egg white breakfast bowls and self-serve coffee kiosks — and next up could be customizable desserts and all-you-can-eat fries.

A new McDonald's slated for the town of St. Joseph, Missouri is being heralded by local media as a "McDonald's of the future." In addition to a more modern dining room design (earth tones! Couches!), the store will also feature the Create Your Taste self-serve burger kiosks that the fast food giant has been pushing recently. According to the St. Joseph News-Press, this particular store will also offer "all-you-can-eat French fries" along with its customized burgers, as well as "dessert menus [that] will have a similar customizable option."

Even scorners of fast food generally agree that McDonald's fries are a shining archetype of what fried potatoes should be (though we could do without choking down one of those burgers alongside them). And what majestic creations could come of a build-your-own dessert option? Brand Eating speculates on fried pies a la mode, but what about caramel peanut McFlurries? Shamrock Shakes with hot fudge? The possibilities are potentially endless.

Will all-you-can-eat fries see the light of day beyond St. Joseph, Missouri? Tragically, McDonald's did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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