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Ted Cruz's Confusing Relationship With Soup; Kendall Jenner's Opinions on Pizza

Five things to know today

Sarah Hina/Flickr

Happy Thursday, America. Can anyone explain why Ted Cruz bought 100 cans of soup after his honeymoon? His wife cannot. But she did return those cans and then go back and re-buy them. The reasons for this are equally unclear. Also why would anyone buy 100 cans of soup at once? More importantly, which advisor told the Cruzes to tell this story to the media? That person should be fired.

In other news, another food writer comes out against tipping; Alton Brown on his favorite cup of coffee; Sqirl's Jessica Koslow on this year's Seder menu; Kendall Jenner on pizza; and more.

— The Guardian's notoriously foul-mouthed food critic Jay Rayner has come out against tipping: "It's time, I think, to acknowledge that the notion of tipping is a crass, outmoded, dysfunctional and ultimately inefficient system, ill-suited to a service-industry age. We've all read stories over the years about high-street chains charging fees to administer tips or using them to top up wages. Clearly, it's now so muddled and tainted as to have outlived its usefulness. The restaurant business needs to follow the lead of a few enlightened souls and scrap the concept of tips and service charges altogether."

— Crucial Alton Brown dispatch from the road:

— Pretty much every food lover in the country is obsessed with Jessica Koslow and the consistently delicious dishes she puts out at LA's Sqirl, a casual cafe that attracts long lines. In a new interview Koslow reveals what she plans to serve for Passover Seder this year: "Braised brisket cooked 'low and slow' with verjus and one tart green apricot; matzo ball soup prepared with celery, carrots, onions and schmaltz; and roasted carrots spiced with za'atar." She also shares a recipe for a soufflé-like matzo brie which can be served sweet or savory.

— Hidden away in a box for many years, an old nutrition study has resurfaced, and it disputes current dominant guidelines that say a diet low in saturated fats will lead to a longer life. According to the decades-old study, called the Minnesota Coronary Experiment, when controlled for other mitigating factors, a group of people who ate a diet very low in unsaturated fat, compared to a group who ate a diet high in saturated fat, did not experience a lower mortality. In fact, those eating a diet low in saturated fat were more likely to die at a young age. So... eat all the bacon you want?

— Kendall Jenner: famous person, Kim Kardashian's sister, model... and pizza critic? A new post on Jenner's website contains a series of short blurbs about her favorite pizza places in LA, New York, London, and Milan. In New York City, Jenner likes Ben's Pizzeria: "Order 'The Grandma'. You won't regret it." In LA, she loves Nancy Silverton's Pizzeria Mozza: "Mozza is one of the best restaurants in L.A. Every single pizza is amazing and the vibe is casual and cozy."

— Finally, that time Dominique Ansel got a manicure: