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Watch Conan Sample Korean Snacks at a Seoul Gaming Cafe

He also learned how to properly insult his fellow gamers

Conan O'Brien took his late-night show on the road for a week of filming in South Korea, and in addition to adopting a pet octopus he also checked out one of the nation's most popular pastimes: hanging out at video game cafes known as PC bangs.

All that warfare and furious mouse-clicking tends to work up an appetite, so Conan of course had to sample some popular Korean snacks such as squid chips, individually packaged soy sauce-marinated eggs, and canned silkwork pupa, none of which seem particularly suited to his Irish-American palate. Conan then tries his hand at a few rounds of Counterstrike, where he comes face to face with some strange characters and gets schooled in the art of taunting his fellow players. His retort of choice: "Your mother does not prepare squid properly."

Conan's other South Korean adventures include filming a music video, starring in a soap opera, and practicing tae kwon do.

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