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Watch: Why It's so Hard to Make M&M's at Home

'It's an industry secret'

How to Make Everything's Andy George has already proven he can replicate mass-market candy bars in his own kitchen. George has foraged his own ingredients to make knock-offs that come out with varying degrees of success. But there's one popular candy that George can't make: M&M's. In this video, the DIYer fails miserably at recreating the chocolate favorite.

So, why is it seemingly impossible to make M&M's at home? According to George's cooking partner, chocolatier Danielle Stein, the process that goes into creating the candy is an "industry secret." As George learns, attempting to coat chocolate with heated sugar is rather difficult.

"So when you stir caramel like this, it tends to crystalize around the outside of whatever you're stirring, which we're seeing in the bowl" Stein says. "We're also seeing it melt since the caramel is quite hot and chocolate melts at a much lower temperature than the sugar. Which is why M&M's are so special and why so many people are curious about how they're made."