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Taco Bell's Quesalupa Is a Marvel of Fast Food Marketing

And the company is really serious about melty cheese

Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Most of Taco Bell's menu items frankly seem like something a college kid with the munchies would formulate in their dorm room, but in fact a crap-ton of money, time, and research go into the youth-obsessed fast food chain's new product launches. Bloomberg dove into one of the company's biggest launches to date, the quesalupa, and discovered some fascinating info behind this cheesy item: Namely, the company spent two years perfecting what it calls The Cheese Pull — "the taffy-like web of pepper jack created by pulling apart a Quesalupa."

Some other interesting tidbits pulled from the quesalupa profile:

15: minutes the Quesalupa remains at its peak after cooking

36: number of stores Taco Bell test-marketed the quesalupa in before its nationwide February launch

90: number of seconds needed to properly fry a quesalupa

71,000: number of quesalupas pre-ordered before people even knew what it was

5 milliondollars spent on the 30-second quesalupa Super Bowl ad

According to at least one Eater critic, the bacon-and-egg stuffed breakfast version of the quesalupa is the best thing to happen to fast food breakfasts since the McGriddle. Too bad you can't get it all day.