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Picking up dinner from a drive-thru window is about as easy as it gets — but when the thought of putting on pants and actually leaving your apartment for a fast food fix is just too much to bear, a new app could come to the rescue: Foodida employs crowdsourcing to execute deliveries from fast food restaurants around the clock, Slashgear reports.

That's right, you could have a craving for a Wendy's Frosty and fries, Doritos Locos tacos, or basically any other fast food that's locally available satisfied by a random dude driving a Geo Metro at 4 a.m. While the world certainly isn't suffering from any shortage of food delivery apps, they tend to focus on full-service restaurants, not to mention employ their own fleets of drivers (or pay independent contractors). With Foodida, users simply put in an order request and wait for another user to accept their request. Delivery fees are split between the company and the user who does the delivering, and can vary based on how many delivery people are available at any given time.

Foodida CEO Stefan Frass tells VentureBeat,"We wanted to make this so simple that people can do it during a spare moment of their day. Why not bring someone else’s Starbucks when you are getting your own.That makes yours free. We are not looking for people who want jobs. We want people who want to monetize their errands." The company is focusing on densely populated areas to ensure quick deliveries.

Will the allure of having a mysterious stranger deliver chicken nuggets in the wee morning hours catch on? The app is currently only operating in select LA neighborhoods, but Foodida is hoping to expand to more U.S. cities soon.