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Israeli Government Urges Citizens to Quit Eating McDonald’s

Fewer Big Macs and McNuggets, please


Israel is urging people to cut back on the french fries and McFlurries: The country's minister of health says citizens ought to boycott McDonald's, reports the Associated Press.

Speaking at a cardiologists' conference, Yakov Litzman told the group — and the entire nation, via a television broadcast — that McDonald's is "out," saying, "There is no need to eat junk food. Not in our country." The health ministry recently launched a campaign to fight diabetes, and has banned sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks from school cafeterias.

Litzman's comments naturally didn't sit too well with McDonald's; the company fired back with a statement that read in part, "We are sorry that the health minister chooses to express himself in a non-scientific manner and chooses populist remarks that make headlines but don’t reflect what is happening across the chain."

McDonald's is the largest restaurant chain in Israel, with more than 180 locations; though its Israeli menu includes a few healthier selections like salads dressed with olive oil and lemon, it's also got most of the same burgers, McNuggets, fries, and sugar-loaded beverages as it serves in the U.S. The chain has made repeated attempts to introduce healthier items in the past; stateside, its latest effort involves kale and egg white breakfast bowls that are being tested in select California stores.

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