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What Is Matcha and Why Is Everyone Obsessed With It?

A green tea that has taken the beverage world by storm

With increasing fervor, the calming, caffeinated green tea powder known as matcha is popping up everywhere; from baked goods to cocktails to morning coffee replacements, matcha has transcended the traditional Japanese tea ceremony to become a bright, flavorful food trend in its own right. But what makes matcha special?

On this episode of Consumed, host and Eater Drinks editor Kat Odell looks into the matcha production process — how it differs from that of more traditional steeped green tea, and how two of New York's noted matcha purveyors (Ippodo Tea Company and Matchabar) are working with the product today. Watch the video above for a lesson in powdered green tea; if your interest is piqued, check this map for the best places to drink matcha across the country, and these recipes for making iced matcha drinks at home, perfect for the summer.

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Ippodo Tea Co.

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